What Ifs – Texture

I collaged a variety of textured, neutral papers onto watercolour paper using Yes Paste and painted the collaged papers with watercolour?

I expanded my collaged work to include acrylics, coloured paper, and made them more abstracted with an overall theme?

I used modelling paste on canvas to create an image in relief and then built up the colour with successive glazes by mixing gloss varnish and medium with acrylic paint. (Inspiration by David Langevin Workshop)

Autumn Fantasy Forest (SOLD)

What if… I used multiple colours in watercolour to create a ground(base), using a variety of textural techniques  such as salt, knifing in, spatter and string and thread and then brought an image forward by lifting colour and negative painting?

Shelley K Page
Water Media Artist

312 Mount Royal Place
Regina, SK  S4T 7X9
(306) 546-4432

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