What Ifs – Colour and Light

I painted an orb, wet in wet, using a primary triad as an under-painting to depict a glowing light source? (Inspired by Nita Engle: How to Make a Watercolour Paint Itself) I have used this extensively in both watercolour and acrylic.

I used colour to describe form using yellow, red and blue representing light, medium and dark values?

Pelican Parade

Forest Light

Garden Angel

I used a monochromatic colour scheme to create a ground, using a variety of textural techniques such as salt, knifing in, spatter, string, and then brought the image forward by lifting colour and negative painting.

I used vibrant colours on the canvas as an underpainting and then incorporated this colour into the landscape.

Shelley K Page
Water Media Artist

312 Mount Royal Place
Regina, SKĀ  S4T 7X9
(306) 546-4432

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