What Ifs – Techniques

I used Cadmium Red as an acrylic underpainting? Inspired by Mark Mehaffey (artist).

I used wet paint and a spray bottle along with a loose, dark under-painted drawing to create a series of drips and runs to incorporate into the image before and during painting? Inspiration in a workshop by Blu Smith

I loosely sketched my subject onto a coloured canvas with vine charcoal and then painted the lines in varying thicknesses with a fan brush in a dark colour? What if I continued painting loosely , leaving some lines and some under-painting showing through? Inspired by a workshop with Amy Dryer

I could avoid framing watercolours under glass by stretching watercolour paper over stretcher bars, laminating watercolour paper to cradle boards, hardboard, or canvas with heavy gel medium and then wax or varnish the finished painting? Inspiration Sandrine Pelisier in Fearless Watercolour for Beginners

Panoramic Triptych – AVAILABLE

Shelley K Page
Water Media Artist

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Regina, SKĀ  S4T 7X9
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